Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking

Philadelphia Car Shipping specializes in all kinds of heavy-duty transport, no matter its weight, size, or any other specialized transportation need you have. With years of expertise in the industry, we will devise the best transport plan to meet your specific needs. We will also obtain all the necessary permits to get your heavy equipment or machinery delivered to the required location.

Heavy Haul Trucking

Experienced Heavy Haul Trucking

We appoint the most experienced and skilled drivers to handle your heavy hauling needs safely and to ensure a smooth transportation. Our experts are familiar with how a heavy haul shipment should be managed and what weight limitations and other requirements apply when transporting any kind of heavy-duty shipment across the country.

All-Inclusive Heavy Haul Trucking Services

You can hire us for all kinds of overweight and over sized heavy haul trucking need you have. We make certain to use the right kinds of decks to haul heavy and over sized loads effectively, be it tractors, bulldozers, excavators, construction equipment, mining equipment, wind turbines, storage tanks, or any other industrial equipment.

Specialized Hauling Equipment for Specialized Needs

A heavy haul is generally categorized as a shipment that exceeds 8 ft x 10 ft in width x height and 27 ft to 100 ft in length with a gross weight of over 30000 lbs. We ensure to use specialized gear and hauling equipment to handle the overweight and over-dimension loads to get the job done successfully.

No matter what type of specialized heavy hauling project you have in mind, we can handle it safely and efficiently. Call us now for an instant quote!